Visiting Edinburgh

Edinburgh has been on my destination wish list for a really long time and this summer I finally got to visit. With its medieval Old Town, beautiful views and a plethora of historical tourist attractions, this famous city did not disappoint.

We decided to keep it simple and stayed in the new Premier Inn (York Place) which was conveniently located directly opposite a tram stop to/from the airport. Being new, the hotel was very clean with all the commodities you would want – kettle in the room, 40 inch Samsung TV, sexy light strip behind the headboard to make it look like you are staying in a Scottish brothel…

A short walk from our hotel room was St Andrew Square, flanked by a series of high end shops and popular restaurants. We ate in two of these restaurants during our three night stay, one of these being The Refinery, dubbed as ‘the best cocktail bar in Edinburgh’. I decided to go for a Bees Knees cocktail which, as my friend so comically put, tasted like a couple of bees had urinated in to some water. Clipping a plant to the side of the glass did not make it taste any more alcoholic but, hey, my meal was good!

Over the three days, I visited as many tourist sites as possible including:

Edinburgh Castle

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Mary King’s Close

Holyrood Palace

The Museum of Scotland

My favourites by far were Holyrood Palace and Mary King’s Close. At the palace we were given a free audio guide which was pitched perfectly – I don’t mean that the information was sung through the audio guide in an A Capella fashion, although that would have been amazing!! The information was succinct, interesting and gave the visit meaning. Mary King’s Close was recommended by family and friends and is a one hour guided visit through the preserved streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town. Here we got to see how people used to live back in the 17th Century in the underground warren that was once open to the skies. Our tour guide was absolutely brilliant and really made the whole experience come to life.

I feel like The Museum of Scotland should also get a mention here. This is like a combination of London’s British, Natural History, V&A and Science museums all rolled in to one. But way better. If you are a ten-year-old child inside like me, you will love all the interactive exhibits. And best of all, it’s free!

Another one of my favourite things about Edinburgh (and yes there are a lot of them) was the Royal Mile and it’s surrounding streets. These winding, cobbled streets are packed with cute independent shops, street performers and cosy cafes – perfect for a day of mooching. I got sucked in to buying a tartan scarf and some shortbread. How Scottish!

Literally everything in Edinburgh is picturesque and photo worthy, even when it’s raining. I have completely fallen in love with this beautiful city and will definitely be visiting again, hopefully at Christmas time for shopping and festive markets. Brace yourself people. Santa might be delivering a shit ton of tartan scarves this Christmas.


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