Do More Of What You Love


There is no greater feeling in life than walking into a bookstore and perusing the endless shelves of crisp, unread books. Everyone knows I am a massive advocate (and fan) of YA fiction but I have recently developed an increasing interest in wellbeing and self help books. No I’m not depressed. No I’m not having a midlife crisis. But even seemingly ‘happy’ people can gain enlightenment from such literature. I recently spent three days staying with a friend in London and had some welcome free time to read a recent purchase of mine entitled ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchin Rubin. I have read a fair few happiness books but this one, I feel, is truely life changing. To the detriment of normal human conversation, I have been quoting lines from this book for the last three days and feel the time has come for me to blog about it rather than boring my friends and family with endless quotes and titbits.

So here goes…

Do More of What you Love

As Gretchin Rubin explains, happiness increases when people accept their own true likes instead of trying to decide what they ought to like, or by parroting the likes of others.

I am a strong believer in doing what you love, regardless of what other people may think about your choices. Our society is extremely judgmental and unfortunately people will always hold a view, no matter what you decide to do. Who is to decide what makes someone ‘cool’? Do I have to attend festivals and listen to House music to be defined as cool? I hate festivals. I went to Wireless once, got crushed in a tent, and resolved never to pretend to enjoy festivals again.

As Michel de Montaigne explains, the best occupations are the least forced. What you choose to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon without effort or force is a reflection of your true self. I took some time to think about what I truley like, regardless of who may be judging me. I already know I’m cool so judge away.

Things I Love

Reading (books not the place)
Reading has been my passion since childhood, which started with an unhealthy obsession with Animal Ark and Babysitter’s Club. My reading habits haven’t changed much since and I still thoroughly enjoy reading Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction. Everyone should have the right to read what they like, no matter the predetermined audience. (Related post here)

I am the proud owner of a Cineworld card meaning I can go to as many films as I like for the grand total of £17.50 a month. My film taste is rather eclectic, for example this weekend I saw ‘Pete’s Dragon’ followed by ‘The Purge 3’. Related to my earlier point of not giving a **** what people think about you, I have no qualms with going to the cinema on my own if I have a spare hour or two.

Legowall-e lego
Since working at Legoland when I was at university to earn some extra cash, Lego has become one of my most loved hobbies. Now this is a hard one to try and make sound cool but achievable, I feel, in picture form. I recently added this to my collection. Now who’s jealous?

Harry Potter
No explanation needed here. Harry Potter is life!

Visiting Cities
Unfortunately, I don’t do this one often enough and need to make a conscious effort to plan in more trips and vists to new cities, even if it’s just in and around the UK. I have found watching YouTube vlogs a good way of discovering new places I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of going. Some of my favourite cities so far have been Barcelona, Berlin and Rome and, although an expensive one, hobbies like this leave you with fond memories that last a lifetime.

West End Theatre
Again, I probably don’t do this as often as I should but tickets for West End shows are just so darn expensive. I grew up dancing and my mum used to take my sister and I to theatre shows all the time. I don’t have the greatest long term memory but I remember each and every show I have ever been to. My brain knows what information it needs to keep and ‘Musicals History’ seems to be top of the list. Some of my upcoming events include: Sister Act cinema with a live gospel choir, concert, Harry Potter in concert and… wait for it… Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. There’s no greater feeling than combining two of you interests together – Harry Potter and Theatre – magic!


Overwhelmed by my coolness? I thought you might be.

Do What You Love.








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