7 Days by Eve Ainsworth

7 Days by Eve Ainsworth

 A week can change everything. Beautiful and popular, Kez is a bully who doesn’t care who she hurts. Overweight and awkward, Jess is an easy target. But then Jess discovers someone who will stand up for her. The problem? He’s Kez’s boyfriend. Things are about to get nasty.

I received this book for an open and honest review.

This debut novel from Eve Ainsworth follows 7 days in the life of two teen girls – Kez and Jess. The story uses a dual narrative to explore the topical and increasingly apparent theme of bullying in today’s secondary schools. By using both protagonists perspectives, Eve Ainsworth has offered a fresh take on this hard-hitting topic, allowing the reader to hear ‘both sides of the story’.

This is one story told from two sides. It is clear that Kez, the bully, is plagued by emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse from her dad and, trying to escape the horrors of home, she embarks on a mission to ruin someone else’s life, to placate her own. Although this gave some insight into why bullies behave the way they do, it still didn’t make it right and this is ultimately the message Eve Ainsworth has delivered throughout the book.

The scenes that unravel in this book are, unfortunately, all too common in today’s society. When I think back to my own time at secondary school I remember the odd incident here and there but nothing like the horrors we read about today. I truly believe that the rise of social media has made bullying more barbaric than ever, not just amongst teens but in all areas of society. It has become all too easy for bullies to attack their victims from behind the safety of a screen and this cowardly and cruel trend has got to stop! I am pleased that Eve Ainsworth broached the topic of bullying via social media in this book and that she did so in a subtle yet significant way.

Being a book for young adults, I completely understand why the author ended the story the way she did. This is not how I would have finished the story as I am not sure it was completely true to life. Bullying is real. It is happening every day, everywhere and more attention should be paid to the devastating effects of bullying on people’s lives. It is not so easy to forgive and forget and I feel that this should have been addressed towards the end of the book.

Stories like this are so important for young people of today and 7 Days is no exception. A refreshing approach to a hard-hitting topic!

Rating 3.5/5


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