Flawed by Celia Ahern


I received this copy from the publishers for an open and honest review.

Like many people I know, I am a huge fan of Celia Ahern’s writing and read every book she releases. So when I heard she was writing her first book for the YA community I was eager to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Let me just say that Celia Ahern did not disappoint. Not only is this YA fiction, it is DYSTOPIAN YA fiction – my absolute favourite!

‘Flawed’ has been described as ‘The Scarlet Letter’ meets ‘Divergent’ which is a perfect summary of what this book delivers. It tells the story of Celestine, a bold, opinionated girl living in a utopian society run by the Guild, whose main aim is to run a morally, ethically flawless society. In order to ensure this, civilians thought to be ‘Flawed’ in their thinking or actions are branded with a blood-red symbol and sentenced to a life without luxury. There are many rules those branded as Flawed have to follow: eating a basic diet, sitting separately on the bus and abiding by an 11 o’clock curfew.

No matter what you do, your Flawed title can never be removed. You hold it till death. You suffer the consequences of your one mistake for the rest of your life. Your punishment serves as a reminder to others to think before they act.’

In this utopian world, aiding anyone branded as ‘Flawed’ is a crime so when Celestine selflessly helps a struggling, elderly man on the bus, her life, in that moment, changes forever. Branded with six symbols and named ‘the most Flawed citizen of all time’, Celestine quickly becomes the poster girl for change and an epic adventure ensues.

This dystopian story was well written and full of action that has left me hungry for the next instalment. Celia Ahern, I thank you for coming over to the YA side!

Rating: 5/5

Released: 5th April


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